Opportunity for Health

The American Dream

Our country’s unique ideal is about economic opportunity—the idea that anyone can rise up in social class, regardless of their background. However, in recent decades, the American Dream has faded away for many. For others, it was never a reality. Economic opportunity (or a lack thereof) can affect our lives in many ways. Our work is focused on one major question: How does economic opportunity affect our health? We seek to use these answers to help identify and develop policies that can improve access to the American Dream and bolster population health.

Our Mission

Better Opportunity, Better Health.

We at Opportunity for Health are dedicated to understanding how the American Dream affects America’s health, and identifying ways to help bolster both economic opportunity and health. Our research uses new data on economic opportunity— and the events and policies that shape it—to achieve these goals. The takeaway?

Economic opportunity—the extent to which one’s income does not depend on that of their parents’—may be good for health.

While there is much to be studied, we know that our findings will profoundly impact the future of our nation. We aim to leverage our analysis to improve the health of all Americans.
Our Team
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